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Image from Thesis Show

Artist Statement

The human desire for comfort is universal. Simultaneously all consuming and fleeting, the ephemeral sensation of comfort insulates us from anxiety and unease. The catalysts for these moments are often related to our emotional experience of nostalgia and our predisposed perception of the world. My functional ceramic vessels cater to this human desire for physical and emotional comfort and gratification. In my work I utilize form, color and design to evoke a sense of ease that can be experienced both aesthetically and through use. The formal language of my work is suggestive of the comforting nature of physical intimacy, casual interactions within a community, childhood experiences and personal domestic spaces.

With the appearance of being freshly constructed, the fullness of form allows these vessels to evoke a sense of play and ease. The generous volumes are metaphors for our own bodies that reference both the comforts of physical intimacy as well as childlike items, such as toys and stuffed animals. Exaggerated pillow forms create a desire to physically interact with the work, and the voluptuous curves awaken our preconceptions of volume and what it represents: vitality, sensuality, generosity and abundance. With these vessels I provide the user with a transformative personal experience through use, rather than to address needs of utility, necessity, or convenience.


Chris grew up in the 1970’s and 80’s in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Childhood experiences filled with Lincoln Logs, improvised tree house construction and action figure forts constructed of twigs and pine needles, taught Chris to love working with his hands at an early age.  These early experiences would become a significant influence on his work years later.

Chris earned his BFA from the University of Tennessee in 2001.  In the years that followed, Chris maintained a studio practice at his home in Chattanooga, while frequently working as a studio assistant at the Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts.  In 2008,Chris began his graduate studies at the University of Florida and was awarded his MFA in 2011.